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Good afternoon Braves Families. Our first HOME Game is upon us! We have been working very diligently as a board to host our games with respect to everyone. In doing so, we have created the Home Game Day Operations Plan below. You can also find a satellite map of the park, labelled for everyone to identify where they should be pre-game, competition and post-game below. A few things real quick before reading below:
  • The first games of the day may warm up on the competition field and parents/family may set up their spectating area
  • There will be areas marked for families to sit (cones marking to leaving open spaces for distancing)
  • Football Players arriving for the proceeding games must report to their Home Warm Up field with their parents
  • Parents may not go to the competition field until the previous game is cleared and dismissed to do so
  • Cheerleaders must check in with their parents at the cheer check in pavilion
  • Parents may not go to the competition field until the previous game is cleared and dismissed to do so
  • Game times and arrivals have been adjusted to ensure 250 capacity not being reached.
Please read the following Operations Plan:
In cooperation with Marietta Borough, Board of Supervisors, Red Rose Football League,, the CDC and the Marietta Community, the Donegal Braves Organization has set forth the following plan of Game Day Operations based on the guidelines set forth by the state of Pennsylvania and the CDC.
Player/Parent Arrival: All participants ( Home Teams and Away Teams) must park in the Donegal Mutual Insurance Companies (1195 River Road, Marietta, PA 17547) parking lot off River Road and report to their teams’ warm up field. Parents must check their player in with their coach to verify the health of their player and then proceed to the spectator seating designated along the appropriate team’s sideline. All teams, including Cheer will have designated check in areas. (see map) Spectators must sit with their own family members and/or maintain a 6-foot social distance from other families and individuals.


Player Weigh ins: Two officials, one from each team will conduct weigh ins at the shed. The weigh ins will be held at the shed next to the pavilion. Two officials (with Masks), one from each team will conduct weigh ins at the shed. All players will be lined up outside of the shed and brought in one at time for their weight in. Once they are weighed in, they must return to the end of their teams’ line until all players have been weighed. When the teams weigh in is complete, each team may return to their designated warm up area.
Announcer, Spotter and Score Keeper Press Stand: The Press Stand is 12 feet by 8 feet. The PA system and score clock will be operated by 3 individuals. Only 3 individuals may be on the platform at any given time and only for purposes of the competition taking place. Operators must have a mask during the event unless they can maintain their social distancing throughout the competition.
Chain Gang Volunteer: All volunteers must wear a face covering unless an individual has a health condition.
Competition Field Set Up: The field will be marked at the regulation standard dimensions without Field Goal Posts. Players/Coaches boxes will be marking on each sideline from the 25-yard lines. Players and Coaches must remain in the boxes through the competition. Cheerleading areas are marked with a box as well. Cheerleaders must remain in the box throughout the competition. Spectators must maintain social distancing and only sit or stand with their family members.
Restroom Facilities: The Men’s and Women’s restrooms will be available for use. Hand washing is available with soap and water. There will also be hand sanitizer made available each day. 
Concessions: The concession stand will be operated by 3 people at one time. All volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves during transactions. There will be no food prepared on site from the concession stand.
Food Vendor: The Fry Stand will be offering French Fries, Funnel Cakes and Lemonade in support of the Donegal Braves Football/Cheerleading Organization.
EMS: There will be an ambulance positioned on the near end of the field located closest to the 4th Street entrance of the park. While the EMS personnel is there for Athletes and Coaches, anyone feeling ill should report to them and then exit the park immediately with symptoms of COVID-19 relation.
Mask Policy: Everyone- must wear a mask in the restrooms, in our concession lines and while not social distancing. Coaches- all coaches must always have a mask visibly on their person. They do not need to be worn while actively coaching or social distancing. Players- do not need to wear a mask while warming up, competing, or maintaining a social distance. Spectators- do not need to wear a mask while maintain social distancing while sitting or standing with their family.
The Donegal Braves Football/Cheerleading Organization would like to thank everyone for cooperating as we continue to work toward getting our youth back to play. Go Braves!!!

Braves Lottery

Donegal Braves 2020 Lottery Fundraiser

                Welcome to our fundraiser for the 2020 Fall Season, PICK 3 EVENING lottery.

-Each participant is required to sell 5 tickets. (Families with multiply participants: Second child 3 tickets, Third child 1 ticket, Fourth child exempt.)

-You will need to hand in all money with you sheet of addresses by August 27th, no later.

                -Keep the left side of the sheet WHOLE and hand in all addresses together, the right side of the sheet you can clip off the individual ticket and give to the buyer.

-Addresses MUST be clearly written, what is written will physically be put right onto the envelope and mailed to winners.

                This is our ONLY fundraiser this year please make sure to sell the minimum requirement.

Any further questions please feel free to email us with:

2020 Football and Cheerleading Registration is NOW OPEN!

Our Registration for the fall season is now open. Tentatively we are to start August 3rd, 2020. We will email anyone that registers any changes promptly after Red Rose (the midget football league) informs us.

The link below will take you to registration.

Please note we will have a mandatory fundraiser like every other season, but  it will be drastically adjusted due to Government shutdown. We have discounted registration and will work towards the most realistic fundraiser we can.

Contact us:

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Donegal Braves Football & Cheerleading

This organization was formed in 1961 to provide children living in the Donegal School District of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with the opportunity to participate in football & cheerleading. We strive to promote sportsmanship, mental and physical health, family reverence, loyalty, character, and citizenship has been the stated goal of this organization since its inception. Participants in the Donegal Braves organization have consistently matured into community's leaders over the years and we expect the same positive results long into the future. 


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Draye Mowrer

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